With 350 participants interested in working and living with presence and awareness


What companies are doing to create innovative and collaborative environments


in important conversations with speakers from around the world about mindful living and working


How to create real happiness at work

Our first ever

Wisdom 2.0 Europe

Dublin, Ireland

September 16th - 18th

There's still time to get your tickets!


Interested in living with greater mindfulness and wisdom in the modern age?

Join us at Google's Europe Headquarters in Dublin for Wisdom 2.0 Europe!

With business leaders, coaches, neuroscientists, tech entrepreneurs, and more will come together to explore how to create lives, companies, and cultures where true connection can flourish.

The days will include talks, interviews, conversations, and the chance to connect with people from the international community interested in the application of mindfulness and wisdom in business and life.


Wisdom 2.0 Europe:

Google Foundry, Dublin, Ireland

We're very excited to host our first-ever European conference at Google’s Foundry in Dublin. This modern space is conveniently located and well-equipped with a 350-person auditorium, breakout rooms and various lounges and open spaces. The Foundry is an ideal location for presentations, collaboration and participant connections.

Opened in fall 2013, The Foundry -- Google's new digital innovation center -- is located in the heart of Dublin's historic dockyard. The neighborhood is now known as Silicon Docks, due to the ever-growing presence of the international technology industry.

Dublin has been steadily establishing itself as Europe's tech hub over the past decade years, with companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zynga and Dropbox establishing major hubs in the city. Fortune Magazine has called Dublin one of the best cities for startups.

Please note:
although Google is generously hosting Wisdom 2.0 Europe, this is not a Google event.


You can purchase either a 2-day or 3-day ticket to Wisdom 2.0 Europe. The main conference takes places Tuesday September 16 & Wednesday, September 17.

On Thursday, September 18, we'll have a day of intensive sessions where participants will be able to choose workshops based on themed tracks and engage with other attendees in roundtable and group discussions.

September 16

11:30 - 1:00pm 
Registration and light lunch

11:45 - 12:45pm: Yoga
with Merve Hokamp

1:00pm - 1:20pm
Welcome and Introduction

1:20pm - 2:00pm: Carl Honore
“The Slow Revolution - Why Slowing Down and Paying Attention is Needed Now More Than Ever”

2:00pm - 2:40pm: Peter Read
"Mindfulness & Entrepreneurship"

2:40pm - 3:15pm

3:15pm - 3:25pm
Mindfulness practice

3:25pm - 3:40pm
Connect/Partner exercise

3:40pm - 4:15pm: Vishen Lakhiani 
“How to Build an Innovative, Mindful and Happy Workplace”

4:20pm - 4:40pm: Rohan Gunatillake
"Redesigning not Retreating: the Future of Mindfulness and Technology"

4:40pm - 5:25pm: Chris Ruane
"Mindfulness in Parliament"

5:25pm - 6:00pm: Gelong Thubten
"The Power of Forgiveness"

6:00pm - 6:10pm

6:10pm - 7:00pm: Yoga
with Merve K. Hokamp

6:10pm - 8:00pm

September 17

7:45am - 8:45am: Yoga
with Marc Holzman

9:00am - 9:10am
Introduction and Announcements

9:10am - 9:20am
Opening Meditation

9:20am - 10:00am: Otto Scharmer
“From Ego to Ecosystem”

10:00am - 10:35am: Tania Singer
"Training your Mind and Heart towards a Caring Society: A Social Neuroscience Perspective"

10:35am - 11:10am

11:10am - 11:40am: Tessa Watt
"Mindful London: Lessons in Practicing Mindfulness in our Fast-Paced Lives”

11:40am - 12:10pm: Kelly Palmer Interview: “Fostering Empathetic Connection: Lessons from Compassion Efforts at LinkedIn”

12:10pm - 2:00pm

12:15pm - 1:15pm: Yoga
with Marc Holzman

1:20pm - 1:50pm: Yoga
with Marc Holzman

2:00pm - 2:30pm: Tsewang Namgyal
"Business and Compassion -- One Man's Journey from a Tibetan Refugee Village to Global Bank”

2:30pm - 3:00pm: Anthony Seldon
“Why Mindfulness is Essential in the 21st Century Educational System”

3:00pm - 3:30pm

3:30pm - 4:10pm: Sharon Salzberg
"Real Happiness at Work" 

4:10pm - 4:30pm

4:30pm - 5:30pm: Yoga
with Matt Quigley


September 18 - Thursday Intensives

Thursday will be a day of interactive, experiential sessions, including opportunities for participants to lead conversations around topics of interest. During workshop times, choose between a Hosted Conversation or one of the workshops listed below. Participants are not required to stay within one track.

All participants will gather in the main room at 9am for an introduction to the day, and again at 2:30 for a closing session.


Mindful Living

9:30am -10:30am - Slowing down in a world built for speed, with Carl Honore
This workshop will explore how putting on the brakes can help us all lead richer, more meaningful lives. There will be discussion, debate and some hands-on learning.


10:30am - 11:00 am - Break

11:00am - 12:00pm - Discovering Happiness: How re-focusing our attention can transform our lives, with Mark Williamson
We all have the capacity to discover more happiness - right here and right now - by learning to refocus our attention. This session will be an inspiring and interactive exploration of five key themes, including a mixture of learning, personal reflection and group discussion.

12:00pm - 1:15pm - Lunch

1:15pm - 2:15pm - Mindfulness in the City, with Tessa Watt
How can we slow down and be more present within the chaos of the 21st-century city? Tessa Watt, author of Mindful London, leads a workshop on simple mindfulness practices with an emphasis on how we can bring them into our busy urban lives.



Mindful Business

9:30am -10:30am - Compassion at Work,  with Tsewang Namgyal
Meditation techniques to generate compassion and reduce work stress; sharing ideas and challenges on bringing compassion to the workplace.

10:30am - 11:00 am - Break

11:00am - 12:00pm - Bio-Hacking Performance, with Ray McKiernan
This workshop will be an experiential journey into the science of meditative states and the latest research showing how these states have been proven to impact not just on health vitality and well-being but also on the ability of certain genes to be turned off and on. 

12:00pm - 1:15pm - Lunch

1:15pm - 2:15pm - People’s Stage: Selling and Buying Mindfulness - a Dynamic Roleplay, with Jeroen Janss
This interactive workshop focuses on how to introduce Mindfulness into your organisation. It includes a number of role plays with members of the audience, taking the perspective of both the “buyer” and the “seller.” The experiential workshop will test a number of assumptions about positioning Mindfulness, including the need to be “evidence based” and the paradox of technology.


Hosted Conversations

9:30am -10:30am - Session 1


10:30am - 11:00 am - Break

11:00am - 12:00pm - Session 2

12:00pm - 1:15pm - Lunch

1:15pm - 2:15pm - Session 3



Thanks to our sponsors!

If you're interested in sponsoring Wisdom 2.0 Europe, please contact to learn more.

People’s Stage

The People's Stage Winner is Jeroen Janss

This interactive workshop focuses on how to introduce Mindfulness into your organisation. It includes a number of role plays with members of the audience, taking the perspective of both the “buyer” and the “seller.” The experiential workshop will test a number of assumptions about positioning Mindfulness, including the need to be “evidence based” and the paradox of technology.

Thursday - September 18th - Mindful Business
1:15pm - 2:15pm

The Wisdom 2.0 Europe People's Stage is a one-hour space designed for an interactive, experiential workshop offered by a registered conference participant. This space is specifically designed for registered attendees who wish to lead a conversation and experiential session with their fellow conference-goers. 


Did you miss your chance to buy online?

Email to find out if there are still spaces available.

Wisdom 2.0 Europe Attendee List

Conor O'Donovan
Martin McCaffrey
James Kelly, Feenish Productions
Sinead OConnor, HushYoga
Matteo Erriu, Self
Vincent Kerr, N/A
Margaret Forde, Positive Psychology Partnership
Denis Forrest, GanToran
Johanna Schmidt
Cassie Robinson
Greg Murphy
Mimi Valiulis, Shambhala Online
Tesa Silvestre
Bernadette Flanagan, The Spirituality Academy
Maret Eiland, Emeraz
Galina Vacheva, Insight Hub Ltd
Tammy Verlaan-Ross, Life and Balance Centre
Peter Ross, Life and Balance Centre
Marie Clarke, marketing
Thomas Eisinger, Level8 GmbH & Co KG
Derval Dunford, Mindfulness Matters
Carmel Browne, NUI Galway
Gelong Thubten
Matt Quigley, YogaGlo
Marc Holzman, YogaGlo
Merve K. Holkamp, YogaGlo
Marion Maasikas
Eve Lakhiani
Hayden Lakhiani
Kristina Mand Lakhiani
Niamh Gunn
Venus Wu
Chime Lhamu
Vanessa King, Action for Happiness
Lucie Cohen, Dzogchen Beara
Malcolm MacClancy, Dzogchen Beara
Tricia Healey, Dzogchen Beara
Katherine Lucey, Fast Forward
Susan Redmond, Foroige
Monia Sparta, Google
Prashant Soegaard, Google
Ottaviano de Cicco, Google
Jussi Ahokas, Google
Joanne Poynton, Google
Alfred Tolle, Google
John Herlihy
Sinead Gibney
Naghmeh Reilly, Enterprise Ireland
Penny Gormley
Patrick O'Reilly, The Law Library
Victoria Harris
Hans Zomer, Dochas
Paul Rowe, Educatetogether
Frazer McKim, Design Hosting Software
Jan Golden, Tai Chi Ireland
Tony Spollen
Bill Duane, Google
John Gormley
Ronan Harris, Google
catherine ryan, EY
Aisling O'Leary, Central bank of Ireland
Sarah Leydon, LinkedIn
Andreas Merz, LinkedIn
Aleksandra Beyer Nunes, ID-gital
John McKeon, Allergy Standards Ltd
Paula healy, Personal
Clara Rivera, Google
Carole Cadwalladr, The Guardian
Jackson Genovesi, Artrom Network
Maura Cahill, The Bodywell Institute
Asia Chabelska, Hacking Happiness
Sebastian Nienaber, Hacking Happiness
Edel Molloy, Growing Into You
David Pesek, Color Associations
Deirdre Quiery, Seven Rocks Consulting
Ruth Chandler, Skyscanner Ltd
Barry Mcdonagh , Barry McDonagh
Claire Faithorn, Suas Educational Development
Sile Ni Liathain, Freelance IT Consultant
Jacqueline Mcmenamin, Shell
Orlagh O'Brien, Communication Design
Emily Lane, Corporate
Clare Mulvaney, One Wild Life
Lynda Stopford, School for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
Cecile Casanova
Eva Roettgers
Yaakov Lehman, Wisdom Tribe
Geneviève Hamelet, ADM
Clare Herbert, The Well at Liss Ard
Sophie de Carriere, Gweb sprl
Katja Lips, University of East London
Spencer Heijnen, Energy Strategy
Sinead Leonard, GentleBirth
Fiona O'Donnell, Student of Mindfulness at Bangor University Wales
Lisa Quish, HR consultant
Trine Gronlund
Alexandra Ostanovskaya, Alfa Bank
Paola Di legge, eBay
Layne Walters, Your Mortgage Team - TMG
Iain Drudy,
Cassandra Adamofsky, Gloo
Jonathan Keenan, Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre
Martin Wikfalk, MindApps
Jasmine Hodge-Lake
Carrie Staller, SIYLI
Paul O'Rahilly, The Bodywell Institute
Rose Barrett, Scholarship Attendee
Geraldine Velner, Ingersoll Rand
Jutta Tobias, Mindfulness at Work
Juliet Adams, Mindfulness at Work
Nadine Seymour, The Conscious Professional
Patricia Cartes, Twitter
Lauren Cullen, Twitter
Johann Hoff, JHG Developements Ltd
Nagore Benito, South London & Maudsley NHS Trust
margaret gonzalez, westminster
Margaret Guerra, soas
Anne O' Leary, VMware International Ltd
Aist? Norkut?, HAI.LT
Rasa Bal?i?nien?, HAI.LT
Egl? Daunien?, HAI.LT
Manuel Ronnefeldt, 7Mind GmbH
Jonas Leve, 7Mind GmbH
narayan toolan, Narayan Toolan
Ram Chaitanya, Google
Caroline Heidler, Google
Kunal Khana, Google
Mounira Latrache, Google
Ruth O'Shea, National University of Ireland Galway / SAP Business Objects
Laura Neme, Bangor University
Ivan Komaroff, SAS Tara conseils
Martin McKenzie, Personal
Pavithra Prakash, Personal
Pradeep Susarla, Personal
Mari Kennedy, The Well at Liss Ard
Kathy Scott, The Trailblazery
Ashley Cooper, Private
Sue Cooper, Nurturing Ideas
Kathryn McKay, The Angel Loft
Katrin Brauer, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen
Sarah Post, Mindful Communications
Claude Heini, Leading Power
peter ingman, Mynewsdesk
Daniel Otte, Springer-Verlag London Ltd.
Marc Emke, Springer SBM BV
Reshma Shaikh, Springer-Verlag London Ltd.
Dan Bodart, Springer SBM BV
Nico Spiegel, European Commission
Linda Hollier, Private
Omar BENAISSA, Project Management Trainer
Verena Kuhn, Twitter
Grace O' Donoghue, Twitter
Caroline Begrin, Twitter
Noel Clerkin, Axialent
brian snee, Manhattanville College
Antares Reisky, @dvise+ GmbH
Martin Wettergren, mediapilot
Justin Robinson, Energyconvo
Jeroen Janss, AmWell
Mike Pearce, Coach at
Nadine Schlebusch, Ingersoll Rand South Africa
Norma McComb, Consult Jack Fox Ltd
Clare Angami, Kaiser Permanente
Neil Seligman, The Conscious Professional
Claudia Nolte, Human Insight Ltd
David Mickler, Quintessentially Ventures
Jannus Jaska, PSYT
Debbie Correll, CI Psychology Solutions
Patricia Ryall, duchascoaching,com
Angie Mayer-Brew, Google
Anna Piechulla, Google
Diego Montejo, Google
Phuong Nguyen, Self employed
Colette Cahalane, Microsoft Ireland
Lasantha Jayasinghe, Freelance Data Scientist
Luna Rodriguez, DuPont
Jan Kuijer, iDLC
Robin van Dorrestein, iDLC
Bram van den bos, iDLC
Yvonne Ulrich, Hoffman La-Roche
Elke Jahn, Covance
Pete Smyth, Broadlake
Nick Begley, Mindlab Training
Dr Gail Davies, MindLab Training
caroline Hopkins, MindLab Training
Kerry Cullen Cullen, Business Psychologist
Lisa Hughes, Arena Coaching
Barbara Lynch, Tus Nua/Beaumont
Mischa Schlemmer, Business Trust
Stacia Carr, Ftopia
Cat Stevenson, Wisdom 2.0
Soren Gordhamer, Wisdom 2.0
Michelle Stransky, Wisdom 2.0
Rita O'Connell, Wisdom 2.0
Gregory French, YogaGlo
David Cerwonka, YogaGlo
Callie Miller, YogaGlo
Senzeni Carol Steingruber,
Siobhan Hamilton, Green Workplaces
Bea Benkova, GIFEW
Jan Polak, New Paradigm of Business
Gina Lazenby , Feminine Leadership
Davide Poleschi, Austen HR
Kitty Waters, Austen HR
Helen Plass, American Hospital Association
Cindy Segura, Be Fit Club
Hendrik Tenholte, Google
Jennifer Abell
Angelika Leder, LederCoaching
Pieter van Osch, Spark Entrepreneurs Education
Elizabeth Genovesi, ARTORM Network
Friedhelm Boschert, Int.Institute for Leadership and Meditation
Sebastian Schaefer, Credit Suisse
Lokesh Joshi, NUI Galway
Helen Corrigan, Healthie
Roberta Manoni, inspire
Andrea Vitullo, inspire
Frances Firth, Thunderhead
Chris Noone, NUI Galway
David O'Sullivan, National University of Ireland Galway
Nicole Stadler, go talent
Daniel Lopez, Grupo Sukha Argentina
Telmo Carlos, ARV Excellence
Paul Klein, Illuminated Pathways BV
Jmichaele Keller, Illuminated Pathways BV
bonnie peterson, BJP
Nina Boernecke, MilesFurther
Charmian Tardieu, MilesFurther
Nanette Gibb, Nanette Gibb
David Liversage, Blue Phoenix
Robert Hutchinson, The Authentic Life Company
margot akeroyd, Akeroyd consulting
Benjamin Blasco, FeelVeryBien
Sarah-Jane Carey, SFC
Ari Stein, Apex Communications
Larry Abele, Auriel Equities
Carol Fitzgerald, Pramerica Systems Ireland
Patricia McMahon, Pramerica Systems Ireland
Sandra Walsh, Awakening Your Life Coaching
Jessica Peterka-Bonetta, Cape Balance
Elina Koussis, General Electric
Harpal Dhatt, Glow at Work
Michal Wroczynski,
shamash alidina, Teach Mindfulness
Fabio Novo,
Maurizio Cortesi, Zegtraining
Deborah Jeremiah, GE Crotonville
Corina Roobeck, The Zone
Liam Forde, The Zone
Chris Tamdjidi, Kalapa Leadership Academy
Jennifer Frye,
Brian Kling, Mindspren
Kelly Buchanan, Zynga
Peter Carey, PDP
Tony Lobl, Christian Science Committee
Roberta Riga, Progressive HR Consulting
Patrick Hertzog, AMC Paris
HORACIO HURTADO, Oxford Leadership Academy
MIGUEL GOWLAND, Oxford Leadership Academy
Mark Quirk, Reach Remarkable
Liang Wai Chan, Draaktaal
Linda Freimane, TheMiceCream
Derek O Neill, Prema Agni healing systems and schools ltd
Erhard Professor Dr. Meyer-Galow, Author
Jon Groholdt, Needleeye  



Cancellation Policy:

August 16th, 2014 is the final date by which you are eligble to transfer your ticket to someone else, or to receive a partial refund for registration cancellations.

Tickets cancelled before June 16, 2014 will receive a refund less 25% of your purchased ticket price; tickets cancelled between June 16th and August 16th will receive a refund less 50% of your purchased ticket price.

If you need to transfer your ticket to someone else, you must do so by August 16th; there will be a $60 transfer processing fee. Cancellations and transfer requests must be received in writing from the original ticket buyer; send requests to

After August 16th, 2014, all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We do not support partial ticket-swaps or ticket sharing of any kind; nor do we prorate ticket costs if you are only able to attend certain conference days.

In the unlikely event that the conference is cancelled, we will refund all tickets. We will not, however, be able to refund flight, hotel, or other purchases people may make. All listed speakers are confirmed -- however, sometimes life events such as sickness or death in the family prevent them from making it at the last minute. Speaker cancellations do not affect the cancellation policy.

Purchase of a ticket indicates that you have read and agree to comply with this cancellation policy. This policy is subject to change; all registered attendees will be notified of any changes.