Vishen Lakhiani

Founder and CEO, Mindvalley

Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen leads a dedicated team of over 100+ brilliant minds focused on building disruptive systems to bring innovation to education under their goal of “pushing humanity forward”.
Vishen invests in and builds education companies. The company’s goal is to help spread enlightened ideas to 1 billion people by 2050; ideas that you won’t get from traditional education systems.

Vishen’s projects include apps that promote healthy behavior, like Omvana which is rapidly becoming one of the highest grossing health and fitness apps for iPhone and online learning platforms such as the Mindvalley Academy which serves some 250,000 students and 1.3 million subscribers and is focused on mindfulness, health and wellness education.
In Asia, Vishen’s goal is to culture hack the behavior of young entrepreneurs to turn his home city of Kuala Lumpur into one of the top 20 cities in the world to launch a startup. Through Project Renaissance, he funds and provides free entrepreneurial education to tens of thousands of young people looking to make a difference.

Vishen is also the founder of Mindvalley Technology, which builds mobile and web education businesses, Awesomeness Fest, the annual entrepreneurial festival, and the Mindvalley Foundation, which supports causes around the world that are working to push humanity forward.

Mindvalley is known for its steller success rate in launching new businesses – almost 90% are profitable within 10 months with little outside funding. It’s also known as one of the #1 places in the world to work and attracts brilliant minds from around the world to move to Malaysia to work on Vishen’s team. Vishen is also an active philanthropist via the Mindvalley Foundation and sits on the Innovation Board of the X Prize Foundation.