Ray McKiernan

Director, Stress Management Institute of Ireland

Ray McKiernan M.A is a director, specialist skills trainer, lecturer, and training consultant with the Stress Management Institute of Ireland. Having completed his clinical training in Mind-Body Medicine in the Harvard Medical School in Boston, he became certified as a Stress & Wellness consultant with the internationally renowned Hans Selye Foundation in Canada. He is a fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

Ray is one of Europe’s leading authorities on evidence based interventions for managing pressure and building resilience in the workplace. He has in-depth experience delivering skills development programmes for employees working under extreme pressure in high performance organisations.

Ray delivers specialist management development programmes in building resilience to senior managers at some of the most progressive organizations working in Ireland, Europe and Africa. Ray designed and delivered programmes for many Fortune 100 companies including Accenture, Intel KPMG, Google, Eli Lilly and recently designed and delivered the Bio-Hacking programme for Soundcloud in Berlin.

He designed and delivered the Resiliency based instructor training to the Irish Defence forces, clinical teams working in palliative care and three international centres of excellence in cancer care. He delivers stress management trainer programmes to occupational health professionals working in many areas including Human Resources, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Employee Assistance, Occupational Therapy and Palliative care. He is also a specialist skills trainer to psychotherapy students at postgraduate level.

A regular conference speaker, Ray is an invited speaker at many National and international conferences including Irish Medical Organisation’s National Conference on Engaging for Change and was recently voted best speaker at the European Health Conference hosted by the Actuarial Profession in Dublin. In addition, he presents specialist seminars to many different professional organizations including the Institute of Bankers, the Law Society, The Sales Institute, The Irish Central Bank, The Employee Assistance Professionals Association, the Employee Assistance European Forum, the Migraine Association, and the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC).